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Website Design and Developement

We, at Solution-K, can help you grow your business by creating a website for you.
We tell you the best way you can go about growing your business in the online world, based on your budget and needs.

Computer Fix

Let us help you with cleaning up your computer, disk difragmentation, resetting password and other problems.

Computer Upgrade

You don't need to buy more computer, we can help you upgrade your previous one or make a custom computer for you.


Demonstration Of Work That Has Been Delivered.

Fraser Health
Web Application
Severless Web Application
Severless Web Application
App Annie
Employed as a Frontend Developer


Kass joined my research team at Fraser Health, Canada in January 2021 as a student research assistant. He has led the software development group in the team towards successful delivery of a web application program named eFI-CGA Web App [link here]. The software has been developed as part of our research effort under the support of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) to promote early detection and management of frailty in older adults. Kass has strong technology background and skills, and is very experienced with web programing and software development. He is both capable and accountable. He works independently, while also well follow instructions and requirements. Kass always works hard and is dedicated and responsible to ensure the coding and other project-related tasks are done well. The research projects that we deal with are challenging and demanding. Kass has been able to actively search and derive proper solutions to overcome many difficulties. He is also friendly and a true team player, and liked by everyone in our dynamic research team consisted of academic scientists, clinicians, patient partners, other research assistants, and his peer CS student members in my team.

—Dr. Xiaowei Song
eFI-CGA Product Owner and Supervisor

Kiarash (Kass) is quick learner, motivated engineer, and very good team player. He is very accountable for his commitment, no matter it's something he is familiar [with] or not. He is very willing to take different tasks and learn from it. I see a lot of potential in him.

—Kevin Liu
Sr. Director of Data Management at Data.ai and Supervisor


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Kiarash Kianpoor (AKA Kass)

Founder and Application Developer

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