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Viral Nation
Viral Nation
As a Software Engineer
As a FullStack Developer
Fraser Health
As a FullStack Developer
As a FullStack Developer
As a FullStack Developer
App Annie
As a Frontend Developer


Kass joined my research team at Fraser Health, Canada in January 2021 as a student research assistant. He has led the software development group in the team towards successful delivery of a web application program named eFI-CGA Web App [link here]. The software has been developed as part of our research effort under the support of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) to promote early detection and management of frailty in older adults. Kass has strong technology background and skills, and is very experienced with web programing and software development. He is both capable and accountable. He works independently, while also well follow instructions and requirements. Kass always works hard and is dedicated and responsible to ensure the coding and other project-related tasks are done well. The research projects that we deal with are challenging and demanding. Kass has been able to actively search and derive proper solutions to overcome many difficulties. He is also friendly and a true team player, and liked by everyone in our dynamic research team consisted of academic scientists, clinicians, patient partners, other research assistants, and his peer CS student members in my team.

—Dr. Xiaowei Song
eFI-CGA Product Owner and Supervisor

Kiarash (Kass) is quick learner, motivated engineer, and very good team player. He is very accountable for his commitment, no matter it's something he is familiar [with] or not. He is very willing to take different tasks and learn from it. I see a lot of potential in him.

—Kevin Liu
Sr. Director of Data Management at Data.ai and Supervisor

I wholeheartedly recommend Kiarash Kianpoor as an exceptional backend developer who brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative vision to every project. His dedication to innovation, unwavering work ethic, and ability to tackle complex challenges make him a standout professional. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality and cutting-edge solutions that consistently surpasses all expectations, Kiarash is undoubtedly an asset to any team or organization.

What sets Kiarash apart is his relentless commitment to excellence and his passion for results. He approaches each project with a strong sense of purpose, consistently pushing boundaries to deliver outstanding outcomes. Whether it's designing and optimizing server-side systems or developing seamless backend solutions, Kiarash has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to deliver exceptional results, making him an invaluable contributor to any project or team focused on innovation and success.

—Manpreet Singh
Lead Software Engineer at Viral Nation

I worked with Kiarash in the same team. Kiarash is passionate about coding and solving problems through creative and innovative way. He always took ownership with his code and carefully review peer's code. He also willing to help, friendly and easy to get along with, well-liked by his co-workers.

—Channing Zhao
Full Stack Developer at Viral Nation

I worked with Kass for a few months at App Annie [or data.ai] and was lucky enough to be his 'buddy' (aka mentor). He is a dedicated team member, fast and curious learner and a nice person to work with. Kass is knowledgeable, creative and has a very positive personality. In my opinion, he'll will be an asset to any company that will have him.

—Natalia Bar
Front-end Developer at Data.ai (Currently UX Engineer at Microsoft)

Kiarash is an outstanding software developer who brings unparalleled expertise to the team in the field of software design. His collaborative approach and positive attitude make him a pleasure to work with, and his eagerness to tackle challenging problems and continually learn and improve makes him a valuable person to any project team.

—Kamyab Rouhifar
Software Engineer at Viral Nation

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Kiarash Kianpoor (AKA Kass)

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